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Tinashe Takes the 333 Tour Home to LA

When it comes to pure talent and entertainment, Tinashe has always been (in my opinion) one of the music industry’s most underrated performers. She’s got the vocals. She’s got the dance moves. She’s got the looks. She’s the entire package and more.

In support of her latest project “333,” Tinashe is finishing up a 23-city show, with her hometown of Los Angeles being the third-to-last stop. I’ve personally only seen Tinashe perform once as a surprise guest for Snakehips at Coachella a few years back, so I didn’t get to experience a signature Tinashe show, but I was well aware of everything she can bring to the table.

Aside from her actual performance with her talented dancers and band, one thing that struck me was how stunning she looked in her outfits. The word that came to mind was “dreamy.” Looking up at her stage and seeing how well-put together her clothing and accessories were were a testament to how much time and effort her and her team spent on these shows.

As I mentioned earlier, Tinashe brings the whole package. Her ability to control her angelic vocals while hitting some of the toughest and most intense dance moves put the Los Angeles crowd in awe. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen on Twitter somebody claiming that they had no idea Tinashe was this talented.

Take this Twitter thread below as an example. I don’t think it could’ve illustrated my exact feelings any better.

Once she finally got to “Bouncin‘,” I was curious to see if she’d bust out the trampoline, which was part of the choreography in the music video for this track. Well, low and behold, the trampoline came out. Check out the awesome choreography below. She really was on-point all night, but this just blew my mind.

Overall, Tinashe is a true treasure for the industry. The world is just better when somebody as talented can share their music with us. Yes, Tinashe’s got some of the most popular songs like “2 On” and “Body Language,” but her live performance is really a sight to see. Although this tour will be closing up in the coming days, I’d highly recommend checking her out if you can. You’d be selling yourself short if you ever pass up the chance to go experience a night watching this queen perform in person. Check out some of my favorite shots from her LA show below. You can also stream her latest album “333” as well.

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