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4kMicheal Releases 13-Track Project, ‘Forgive Me, I Am Alive’

I know that life be hard, but I know I’m gonna make it through

I couldn’t fathom the thought of not writing or lack of creative outlet. When I feel unstable, I’m able to put words down and it settles me to ground level. Despite the feeling of creating something meaningful, the moment can be confiscated due to pressure. In no way, shape, or form is creativity an easy task for those who yearn to share their brilliance with spectators.

Micheal 4K Taylor is a prime suspect of creating under pressure; an artist who has endured growing pains, life lessons, and process of evolution, amongst other tribulations that we are not made aware of. The Baltimore native’s approach to his craft is based off precision. Constantly recording, there’s a lot of music that doesn’t see the sight of a streaming platform. All things must change and Micheal is doing just that. 

Taylor’s writing ability can be found all throughout the album. One key track will be “Life Story,” the first single from the project. “I know that life be hard, but I know I’m gonna make it through,” Micheal says in the track.

Forgive Me, I am Alive, can be interpreted in various ways. Micheal, we forgive you for holding onto music that the world needs to hear. We appreciate you for the days that weren’t easy, that many will never know about, and still, you showed up for others. We also appreciate the sharing of your talents. 

Micheal is alive and so is his music, offering listeners 13 tracks. 

Enjoy your listening experience, below. 

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