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Long Island Rapper Maui Arn Lights Up the Club Scene With New Single “Fashion Nova EDM Infusion (Remix)”

Sometimes we crave music that makes us feel, sometimes we crave music that makes us think, but sometimes we just want music that makes us want to have fun – and that’s exactly what rapper Maui ARN is setting out to do with his new single, “Fashion Nova EDM Infusion (Remix).”

“Fashion Nova EDM Infusion (Remix),” a nod to the online fashion boutique, is a fun, energetic single with an infectious beat that makes it nearly impossible to sit still.

Last month, he performed at the Deep Root Records Halloween Party in NYC and won the crowd over with the lively song. When asked about his performance he said, “I wrote the song for people who like to have a good time, so I was happy with the energy I got.”

Check out the new single below.

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