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Big Flock Needs “No Introduction” on his First Day Out

Prince George’s County, Maryland is home for many talented artists. Now, more than ever, the exposure is evident. The evidence can be found in Big Flock’s releases, as he’s just been released from federal prison less than three weeks ago.

On his first day out, rapper Big Flock was picked up from West Virginia by his loved ones. He recorded music and spent time with his family. With a studio in his aunt’s house, “No Introduction (First Day Out)” was recorded, produced by iLL Wonka.

Flock is now working on For The Struggle Only, his next body of work, appearing to feature a more developed Flock. His flow is different and so is the content of his music.

Check out “No Introduction (First Day Out)” below and watch his first interview since being home with WKYS’ Little Bacon Bear

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