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Xavier Wulf invades Fox Theater for a highly anticipated turn up

There isn’t a whole lot you can find on the internet about 26-year-old rapper Xavier Wulf. If it isn’t said out right, it’s clear that the underground artist keeps mostly to himself, his fans and those who surround him.

That’s why the end result of his show out at Fox Theater in Pomona was nothing but a good ol’ fashion rap concert. There were overlyexaggerated LED lights, no backup dancers, no designer clothing or iced out chains—just bumping bass, loads of energy and a whole lot of weed smoke in the air.

Wulf, who released his debut mixtape ‘The Wolf Gang’s Rodolphe‘ in 2012 under the moniker Ethelwulf, has expressed his content with the underground rap scene, not conforming to, if not all, a bulk of mainstream rap.

“That mainstream stuff just gets on my nerves,” said Wulf in a 2013 interview with the Memphis Flyer. “They don’t rap about nothing but Louis [Vuitton] belts, Gucci this, Gucci that, poppin’ a Choppa [Ak-47], strippers … I don’t want to hear none of that stuff. I don’t do none of that.”

Wulf’s music is raw. His lyrics are relatable and his flow and delivery have that Memphis bounce to it that ignites all sorts of chaos when combined with a bass-heavy track.

The Pomona show, which was actually a reschedule from ‘The Hollowsquad Tour” in June at the Grove in Anaheim, was what I can best describe as ‘dummy lit.’ The anticipation in the crowd was looming high and once the Alpha K9 finally walked out with a blunt in hand, the crowd went nuts.

At one point, there was a gang of security guards tackling innocent concertgoers just for enjoying the show in their own way (AKA raging and moshing).

Wulf dropped all the slappers like ‘Psycho Pass‘ and ‘Check It Out‘ with his whole squad behind him. One part of the concert to note had to be when he performed ‘Akina Speed Star.’ Not only was the entire crowd rapping every line word for word (that was pretty much every song, though), but the ground was thundering from the collective stomping.

By the end of the night, the temperature in the venue had raised, sweat had dripped profusely, a damn good amount of marijuana had been lit and security had their hands full with the mosh pits.

If you haven’t been to Xavier Wulf concert, I suggest you get to one because it’s an experience that brings out the true colors of an underground rap concert.

Contact the writer/photographer at or @visualsnipe on Twitter and Instagram.

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