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Reggie Becton Taps Into Different Perspectives of Love on ‘My Beanie’s Orange’ EP

Reggie is able to communicate love through the medium of music, giving way to his old soul.

Washington D.C. — where Prince George’s County, MD-raised, L.A.-based singer Reggie Becton would hone in on his craft and discover his voice. At the age of 13, Reggie would begin writing his own music.

Six months into being in L.A., after graduating from Temple University, Reggie released his first mixtape, Timing. Now in 2019, Reggie released his conceptual body of work, Phases and follows back up with another release. 

With each release, Reggie comes more into his own style. His new extended play of My Beanie’s Orange is stimulated through past relationships and the industry. Reggie is able to communicate love through the medium of music, giving way to his old soul.  Aidan “Maestro” Carroll, Marco “Polo” Tomillo, Yamill and Reggie, worked on the cohesive production. The MTV Unplugged characteristics shine through on this project; no wonder Reggie plans on doing acoustic performances.

“Marvin Gaye is my hometown hero and one of my biggest inspirations in music. He is the reason I wear my orange beanie to every show, interview, and appearance. It is my way of paying homage to an artist who has truly impacted my life and my music. When I thought of the title, My Beanie’s Orange, which also pulls from the opening track ‘YOU,’ it seemed like a match made in heaven,”

My Beanie’s Orange is complete with a total of five tracks. It wasn’t the intention to make love songs, but, it was fitting, as Reggie explains. 

Check out our brief interview with Reggie Becton.

Reggie Becton Taps Into Different Perspectives of Love on ‘My Beanie’s Orange’ EP

1. What are/who are some of your muses for the creation of the body of work?   

My inspiration/muse behind My Beanie’s Orange (MBO) is the music industry. When contemplating my current feelings and frustrations towards the industry and my current place in it as an upcoming artist, the easiest comparison is a relationship. At times I’m jealous, at times I’m on a high, and other times I’m in my own way and in need of saving. These feelings are the inspiration behind each song and my past relationships and experiences give me the tools to write about it. At the surface, each song plays as a love song about a girl, which is very purposeful. However, there is a constant double entendre that looms throughout and motifs that give the listener hints of each song’s true meaning.

2. Your vocals are backed nicely with light instrumentation — reminds me of MTV Unplugged. Is that an aspect of your sound that came naturally?    

Super cool you noticed this unplugged element. I think the unplugged nature of the project stems from the space we were in while making this project. While recording MBO, I was also performing at sofar sounds shows and other venues that didn’t allow drums and etc which made the performances more guitar-driven, which I think changed my sonic taste and ear greatly. I think knowing that this project would be performed in different settings (clubs, bars, festivals, concerts, and etc) I wanted to create something that could pack the same punch and feeling no matter the venue or setting. Additionally, my last EP was super-production driven and I wanted to do something that was more reminiscent of 70s/80s R&B. The 70s/80s sound is so dear to me because i think its the only period where rock & roll and R&B collided and meshed perfectly which are my two favorite genres of music.

3. What’s your favorite song by Marvin Gaye? If you have more than one, I’d like to know those as well.




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