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Next Up: If you didn’t know Dominic Fike, you will soon

After getting through the bulk of a 21-city tour that began in Philadelphia at Made In America Festival, Florida musician Dominic Fike put the cherry on top of his ‘Rain or Shine’ Tour at the El Rey Theater in Los Angeles on Thursday (Oc. 4).

If you haven’t heard of Fike, the Naples, Fla. native is another innovative, genre-bending artist that combines alternative rock, hip-hop, rap and indie pop.

Fike’s leap (or backflip) into the limelight of the music industry isn’t the way most people would write up their plans to success: he began to gain traction after a label bidding war following the release of his rightfully-titled debut EP, ‘Don’t Forget Me, Demos‘ in 2017.

The project was recorded while Fike was under house arrest and had been put out while incarcerated in Collier County Jail.

And after Columbia Records came out victorious with inking a deal with the now 23-year-old, life changed for Fike and his notoriety in the music scene began to snowball even more.

“I be eating $500 meals every day,” Fike told Flaunt Magazine in a recent interview. ‘I’m able to make sure everyone in my family has a house and food…and unlimited guitars.”

He’s been co-signed by artists like Billie Eilish and collaborated with the likes of Brockhampton and producer Kenny Beats.

Speaking of Kenny Beats, Fike opened the final night of tour with ‘Phone Numbers,’ a catchy single that Fike and Beats dropped in early July. This track highlights Fike’s guitar-playing abilities, amazing vocals (he was showing his range in the live version, trust me) and rapping abilities.

As Fike greeted the crowd with his dance moves (very reminiscent to Elvis, I might add), he came across some technical difficulties. If it wasn’t a broken string, it was a problem with the connectivity from the guitar to the sound system.

Of course, being as talented as Fike, he improvised and jumped on the piano to keep the show going.

Fike performed all his hits, including ‘Acai Bowl,’ ‘3 Nights,’ ‘She Wants My Money‘ and even a cover of Weezer’s ‘Say It Ain’t So.’

And to sweeten everything, Fike even brought out a special guest to warm the hearts of his fans by just showing face—Brockhampton’s Bearface, who was actually being a civilian in the crowd afterwards, taking in the show.

In support of Fike’s tour, he coined another genre-bender (there needs be another word for that to not make it sound so cliché), Deb Never.

Never, whose performance was a homecoming, recently came out with her debut EP, ‘House on Wheels‘ at the end of August. Her live performance had hints of the hip-hop vibes with both the production of the beats and her jumping around.

Also displaying her versatility, Never was able to perform on both the piano and the guitar. Some fan favorites from Never include ‘Same,’ ‘Swimming’ and my favorite, ‘Ugly.

With the ‘Rain and Shine’ Tour receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback from his fans and the media, Fike is on an upward trend to the top of the music scene. His 2019 isn’t over yet either as he’s slated to trek through Australia, New Zealand and Europe. Additionally in November, he’ll grace the stage at Camp Flog Gnaw.

Keep an eye out, folks, Dominic Fike will be on your radar sooner than later.

Contact the writer/photographer at or @visualsnipe on Twitter and Instagram.

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