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Big Flock and Wale to Release new Single, “Hallucinations” on September 7th

Big Flock has been away at prison since late 2016. After the release of his well-received project The Great Depression (released late 2016 as well), the P.G. County, MD native was destined to continue a linear of greatness.

Despite being behind bars, Flock has maintained his presence. The support of his team and fans have uplifted his presence and anticipation to build on what was started, already.

“Just cause a n***a locked up, don’t mean he washed up,” Flock said in a phone call, which was used to promote his upcoming, Wale-assisted single, “Hallucinations.”

Flock is no stranger to the system, but this time, things feel different. There’s a lot at stake. As he stated in his letter, he knows his influence, has learned a lot of lessons, and his impact will be positively felt when he touches back home.

“Whenever I get home this time, Imma be a big motherfuckin rapper or something, you hear me,” Flock added.

“Hallucinations” has been in the stash for quite some time, produced by Young Clip. The stash has done this track some good, as we’ll hear Wale on the official version set to arrive on September 7th.

Flock is set to be home this fall.

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