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Indiana Artist, 2odiac, Shares ‘bedrüm: issue 01’

I just try to make something that gravitates to the spirit, more than my ego.”

2odiac finds room for expression on bedrüm: issue 01, a two-piece combo with two songs that differ, but, it helps showcase his artistry.

Hailing from Indiana, 2odiac merges a few ideas into this release.

“I merged the ideas of ‘chinese boxes and a magazine aesthetic,” 2odiac informed us. “I wanted an efficient way of stringing some releases together without putting it all out simultaneously as a tape or album, so I can consequently lead up to a project like that.”

“So ‘issue 01 only means that more issues are coming every other week. “Bedroom” is the pronunciation but there’s a spelling of a city in Batman comics that made me want to be complicated with how I spelled it (laughing out loud).”

Based off of my conversation with 2odiac, I am under the impression that he’s recording a significant amount of music, to which he did confirm with the continuation of a release, every other week.

“I should add that all songs I’ll put under the “bedrüm” title are either personal favorites that I initially didn’t want to share or were recorded in my bedroom at some point.”

2odiac shares two songs from the pack: “Finsta Freestyle” and “Donttalktome.”

If an idea takes days or months to complete, then so be it. “Finsta Freestyle just spilled out in like one day after hearing the beat for a couple days and just pondering where I was in life. Yet, “Donttalktome” took weeks/months revising. I remade the beat at least three times and I rewrote it four times. I just try to make something that gravitates to the spirit, more than my ego.”

Intrigued by his creative process, I then went on to ask 2odiac what that process was like for him.

“My creative process is a bit broad compared to others, but I think the most recurring steps is just observing life. I trust my future self to contribute if I don’t like results from day one. I believe in a work schedule but I don’t believe in forcing results or even clocking out of work. If I am awake then I am observing everything my five senses notices until I understand whatever it may be, more.”

Life can be a tool used to fund the ideas that us, as humans, think of on a daily.

“Art imitates life, or supposedly that’s what people say and so I use life as fuel. I have made percussive patterns out of birds singing at 5AM. I have wrote about personal problems that I just didn’t know how to talk about ans resolve in conversation.”

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