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The rage continues with the $uicideboy$ in LA

The New Orleans-based rap duo, the $uicideboy$, consisting of $crim and Ruby Da Cherry wrapped up the GREY DAY TOUR at the Shrine Expo Hall in LA this past weekend and I’m in disbelief as to how I’ve never caught these guys live.

From the first song I ever heard (for the record, it was ‘$outh $ide $uicide ft. Pouya, listen to it, you’ll thank me later), I was hooked. From the bass-heavy beats and the tongue-twisting verses to their amazing stage production and unique appearances, I felt that the $uicideboy$ possess the recipe for a damn good time with some damn good music. As soon as ‘Carrollton‘ dropped as their opening track, I knew they were about blow the roof off the Shrine.

I truly believe that these guys don’t get the attention they deserve. And it’s rightfully so.

After watching a few Genius interviews, I totally understand that these two are extremely private when it comes to their lifestyle.

“We don’t go out, we don’t go to the strip clubs and shit,” explained Ruby in one of the interviews. “It’s just hard being in the social scene of the music industry and not be social.”

And if that wasn’t enough, for this tour, they haven’t been letting photographers outside of their own in the pit for their performances. Now, nobody told us exactly why that was, but I totally respect it as these guys have worked hard to be where they are and they should be able to say no.

Aside from the $uicideboy$, the support they got was unreal in terms of the energy that they all brought.

The first to perform was City Morgue, a hip-hop duo that also blends heavy metal vibes in their sound. The New York-based group consists of ZillaKami and SosMula. ZillaKami came out stomping the sh*t out of the stage and kicking the f*ck out of the air and that was probably the greatest wake up call I’ve ever had (I only had about 3 hours of sleep before coming to shoot this show).

Continuing the metal/punk energy was LA’s very own Trash Talk. The band is most recognized by avid hip-hop fans through their association with OFWGKTA. Lead singer Lee Spielman was nowhere to be seen on stage because I’m sure he had been crowd-surfing about half the set and still on-point.

Next up was Shakewell and man did he put it down for the big boys. This was the first time I’ve ever seen him live and he brought the bars. He would just rip off rhymes as if he didn’t need to breathe. My favorite part: his jump/stomps when the beat dropped.

Following it up was Atlanta rapper Germ, who in 2013 caught the attention of Fat Nick on social media after posting his freestyle. The thing I like about Germ is that XXL stated he’s only ‘passively’ into rap, but he’s still been dropping bangers like ‘Slip On A Banana Clip‘ with the $uicideboy$ and most recently, ‘Bloody Shoes‘ and ‘UDIGG‘ to name a few.

And last but not least before the main attraction was Miami-Dade County’s very own: Denzel Curry. And a dread-less Denzel I might add. I don’t think he really needs much explaining. Let’s just say his ankle is back to 100%.

Overall, the show was well worth it and not your average rap concert: it was a unique blend of hip-hop and punk/metal. Not only do you get the must-see duo of the $uicideboy$, but the support that was booked for this show made it worth it for those in the mosh pits. As soon as a drink came flying down on me during City Morgue’s set, I knew the night was going to be absolutely nuts.

Check out some of my favorite flicks from the show below, and I do apologize for the lack of $B (and Ruby) shots, as I mentioned there was no pit shooting allowed and it was difficult to navigate through the mosh pits with my camera without getting in the way.

The GREY DAY TOUR is over but you can keep up with where $B will end up next on their Twitter account. Check them out if you ever get the chance and you might want to bring a helmet and a first-aid kit to the show, too.

Contact the writer/photographer at or @visualsnipe on Twitter and Instagram.

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