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Saturn, Alexander Shares “Moon in Capricorn” Track, Featuring Yan Blaze

On September 17, South Jersey native, Saturn, Alexander, will be sharing her new project SIGNS, which is based around astrology. Before doing so, she shares new single from the project, “Moon in Capricorn,” featuring the talented Yan Blaze.

“In Astrology, the Moon represents where you find comfort, as well as your psychology,” Saturn stated. “Basically, where you’re most comfortable and how you think. Capricorn, the goat, is the symbol for hard work. They can be a little headstrong, but they always get shit done, and most often times, alone. I tapped the GOAT herself Yan Blaze for an interlude on this as well. AND I got my producer, the oh so talented B. The Architect to whip up the fire ass instrumental that is the production for this track.”

Check out the track below and let us know your thoughts on this one.

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