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Best Part: LA caught a vibe with Daniel Caesar

Daniel Caesar sent a soulful reminder as to why he’s among the elite in today’s R&B scene.

Grammy Award winner Daniel Caesar stole the hearts of many for the second night in a row in Los Angeles. After taking his CASE STUDY 01: TOUR to the infamous Greek Theater the night before, Caesar shut it down once again at the Shrine just a few minutes away.

The tour is in support of his most recent project, ‘CASE STUDY 01,’ which features chill tracks like ‘SUPERPOSITION‘ (ft. John Mayer) and ‘TOO DEEP TO TURN BACK,’ two of my personal favorites from the album. It’s an awesome follow up to his debut album ‘Freudian,’ when it’s common for artists to normally send out a flop for their sophomore projects.

The night was a mix of the old and new, as Caesar also sang out recognizable hits like ‘Best Part,’ ‘Blessed’ and ‘Get You.

If one thing’s for sure, it’s the fact that Caesar is one of those artists whose talent is easy to detect and hard to ignore. Listening to him live was just made me feel like I was listening to the mastered, recorded work— if not, better.

Not only did Caesar bring out both the acoustic and electric guitars for portions of his set, but his live band was on-point and his background singers were in perfect harmony.

Overall, going to see Caesar and his entire crew are worth every penny. He’s the epitome of true talent on display: it’s just God given.

Check out some of the visuals we got from the show below, even a few from my iPhone (yes, the stage production was cleverly put together that even an iPhone caught some breathtaking shots). Unfortunately, the venue did not have a photo pit for photographers, but luckily, Caesar’s stage production was phenomenal.

This massive tour is set to continue all the way through November, where Caesar will finish up in Canada on November 28. You can stream Daniel Caesar’s ‘CASE STUDY O1’ below.

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