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CW Allen’s ‘The Dream Baby 2’ is Dark, Yet, Optimistic

CW Allen's 'The Dream Baby 2' is Dark, Yet, Optimistic

Currently located in Chicago, IL, Ohio-born artist CW Allen vividly describes life through a dark lens — and dark dreams, but remains optimistic.


The Dream Baby 2 captures Cw in full vulnerability, lacking no shyness of capturing emotions and struggles he faces.

“Ten years after starting my musical journey, I officially stepped into my craft full-time,” Cw said in a statement. “I have had the privilege to share all over the country at bars, schools, camps, and conferences opening for such as Cannon, Da Truth, Sean C. Johnson, Shopé, This’l, and the Legendary Curtis Blow.”

Through five tracks, we’re offered an intense glimpse into the life of CW. This is only an EP and sheds light on CW’s talent as an artist and as a storyteller. He begins the extended play with the track “Lucid,” breaking down the lucid dreaming of an ambitious, God-fearing man. Keeping faith in his God, Cw gets introspective on his take with life.

Moving on to track two, “Bad Dreams” is self-explanatory. “Wake me up from this dream; it’s something like a nightmare,” the chorus repeats. CW’s understanding transitions into visions not so clear. While “sitting in church, mentally drained,” Cw is still able to keep his faith and belief in his God.

“They say the ones who do the most for this world, are the ones busy dreaming about the next. And the dreams that they have are divinely inclined, and the pain they endure is for the rest.” – CW – “Cloud”

Cw even gets into the love he has for his woman and the newborn that will change their life, on “Everything.” CW is happy to be a dad and looks to grow, endlessly, with his seed.

If there’s one thing that’s evident in this body of work, CW doesn’t give up on his faith.

1. Lucid
2. Bad Dreams
3. Care For You
4. Cloud
5. Everything

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