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The Cool Moonmist Mountain Band’s ‘Fire Sign’ EP Ignites Energy

Jared Sand, the creator behind The Cool Moonmist Mountain Band, has allowed his creative energy to flow through the veins of his new project — Fire Sign EP. 

Fire Sign EP is packed with various sounds that travel nowhere you’d expect. Although Jared sends us on a journey, he allows space to travel the road, of your own choice. The five-track EP is cohesive and spews emotions conveyed, better in sonics than it is in diction. It’s as if he says everything, but nothing is being said at all unless you listen carefully. There’s an energy boost thriving to be heard on this body of work. You, the listener, are provided an in-depth, instrumental experience of all sorts.

The release of this project follows Live in Studio 11/14. Both projects give you a different side of Band. You’ll find yourself exploring the collaboration process with other artists and the process of Jared creating alone, in his own world. Nonetheless, the creative endeavor that’s experienced throughout the duration of the project, injects a sense of thoughtfulness. The project lacks distractions. The keyboards, downtempo, synths, bass, etc, don’t interfere with one another. Each element adds to the latter and the sound after. 

TCMMB also headlined Hempfest in Seattle on August 17. 

Fire Sign joins forces with festival-like feelings. You’re psychedelically-induced with each track. The tracks blend well with one another, soundtracking your activities. 

If you’re looking for a refreshing listen of electronic, “trippy-hop” sounds, look no further than the extended play brought to you courtesy of The Cool Moonmist Mountain Band. 

Track List:

1. Dope

2. Lofi Spliff

3. Super Automatic

4. Let the Dust Settle 

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