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TwonDon and Dollar$ignDunn’s new Album Depicts What ‘Summertime in Jersey’ Feels Like

From outside New Jersey, you can still hear and feel the essence of a proud area — from two proud, Jersey-repping artists — TwonDon and Dolla$ignDunn. 

As the heat rises and the air conditioner runs laps in the car and housing, having the proper soundtrack for the summer is essential. Music can be the bookmark of a moment in time. As you press play on Twon and Dolla’s Summertime in Jersey project, there’s a sense of presence, appreciation, and peace. 

Both Twon and Dolla are attentive writers; neither use filler bars. Twon is at his best on “Barry Bonds.” His pocket and word choice is top notch. 

“I’m in different pockets, libra scaling, weighing my options. Take the good with the evil, balancing all these toxins,” Twon spits during the second verse of “Barry Bonds.” A slight nod to Wale and Nipsey Hussle, who are known for packing the punch for the second verse. Both of whom inspire Twon. 

“Slow dancing under moonlights, creasing my kicks as I shoot dice, they’ll kill you if you’re too nice,” Dolla spits on “Benz Coupe.” 

In the crevice of the project, you can find UpperClass Radio, allowing the sequence of the album to take shape and give a nostalgic feeling of the radio in the summertime. 

Overall, the project is filled with solid production and you can feel how the two feed off one another’s energy. Even without being present in the studio with the two, you can tell they’re having fun with their vision and delivering a body of work for Jersey to enjoy. 

For those outside of Jersey, like myself, intake TwonDon and Dolla$ignDunn’s depiction of their home, in the summer.

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