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Listen to Phora’s new Album, ‘Bury Me With Dead Roses’

“As painful as it is, this life is beautiful” – Phora

Anaheim artist Phora has shared his new album, Bury Me With Dead Roses. The album marks the bridge between being/feeling happy and depressed. It’s tough for some people to find the middle ground between being good or not good.

Photo: Phora. Shot by Sela Shiloni

“‘Bury Me With Dead Roses’ is an album about the beauty and pain of life, an album that I depict as the death of the old me and a transformation into a new me,” Phora explained in a statement. “The first half of the album is about motivation, love, life, and happiness while the second half is about pain, hurt, struggle, and loss. I feel like I’m always trapped between being happy or depressed, there’s never any middle ground – so I choose to embrace that for this album.

The single “On My Way” kicks off the album’s energy, focusing in on Phora’s ambition to keep the woman he admires and loves in his life. He sounds certain in the first half about knowing what he needs, but, we then merge into the second half of the album, which is more sobering and goes into the pain that life can bring.

“Love Yourself” captures the overall energy of the album. It’s brutally honest and Phora holds nothing back. Despite the turmoil that life has brought upon his living, he’s grateful for life and has shifted his perspective.

Check out the 16-track album below.

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