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Self-proclaimed “Silver Surfer,” Mike Zombie, Shares ‘The Silver Tape’ Project

Celebrating his birthday last week, Mike Zombie released his new project, The Silver Tape. Filled with 11 tracks, Zombie’s production and vocal performance are — to say the least — impressive.

“The tape was fully produced by me and inspired by everything I’ve been through these past two years living in L.A.,” Zombie said in a statement. “From love, depression, happiness triumph, deceit and realizing that I am more than who I think I am. I went live a week before my birthday and asked fans if they wanted new music because it’s been six months since I put out my last single, “Blue Faces.” As I played the tape, everyone wanted it, so I gave it to them.”

Mike will be issuing out visuals to accompany the body of music, in the near future.

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