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Mir Fontane Brings His Live Performance to D.C.

The art of storytelling fluctuates upon the storyteller. The narrative is already stone-written, but, who can translate the happenings to an audience in an engaging way ?

Mir Fontane, Camden, South Jersey native, is — and has been for a while — crafting a world of his own. The road of integrity through his sound is high on his list. It’s an enchanting journey to witness as his artistic development shifts constantly in an upward manner.

Who’s Watching The Kids 2 (WWTK2) is Fontane’s latest project. Finding a hit out of this body of work isn’t essential, but, finding what works best for the project is. It feels like a contradiction of what embodied his 2018 project, Macaroni Tony, his previous project, featuring “Bodega” and “Snowman.” As he stated in his interview with Donna Claire, Fontane further explained his approach on WWTK2:

We made a whole bunch of songs and whatever felt like they actually fit the project and the mood, then that’s pretty much how we did it. A lot of my other projects, I focused on needing “this” type of song. “This” type of beat. But this one, we chose not even the best [songs], but the songs that really fit the project.

Who’s Watching The Kids — both installments — carefully inject dark production, backed by trap elements. Both features create the Halloween-esque sound we here. The goal is further reached with broad assistance from Fontane.

Gracing the stage at Washington D.C.’s Songbyrd Music House and Recording Venue, Fontane’s energy fluctuated, varying per song, giving the audience suitable energy. With no brakes, Fontane drove the show home by performing a bulk of his catalog nonstop.

I surveyed the crowd and told a fellow blogger, “this time next year, he’ll pack this place out.” I repeated the same words back to Fontane at the end of his show. He agreed, humbly, stating, “I got a lot of love for D.C.”

There is a shift occurring in his career. There was a time when he had the opportunity to walk around Camden and listen to instrumentals. He hasn’t had that luxury since the first installment of Who’s Watching The Kids. As he maneuvers his way through tour stops, backed by Veil Brand and Jonathan Wigfall, Fontane’s success on the road shall continue to grow.

Although this isn’t Fontane’s first tour, it’s another step on a path Fontane can blaze.

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