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Caleborate Gets Introspective on new Single, “Hear Me Out”

Lunging into the strato of his mind, Caleborate takes time out to let out some thoughts — so let’s hear him out on his new single.

“Step out my mind just to relax a bit… be back in a second”

It can derive from overthinking, anxiety, or just being a creative. Nevertheless, the mind that never stops is an exhausting one. The amount of energy that is drained from one’s own thoughts is a lot to bear. However, consider it bittersweet when we receive Caleborate dodging writer’s block on “Hear Me Out,” produced by Willem Ardui.

The music video follows the outtakes of tour life overseas and the highs and lows that come along with the lifestyle.

We’re nearly two years removed from Caleborate’s last project, Real Person. “Hear Me Out” is the first single from the forthcoming EP, due out this August.

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