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T.R.3 releases ‘Together Alone’ Album

With every generation of artists, we find new styles and emerging trends. And seemingly more so now than ever before, there’s sadly less of an emphasis placed on the artist’s message, and more of a desire to capitalize off the latest wave. Nonetheless, every now and again an artist comes along to elevate the genre and push the culture forward. As we reach the halfway point of 2019, Atlanta’s T.R.3 is here to prove his purpose with his official debut studio album, Together Alone

As a founder of the Atlanta-based artist collective, IMG (Instrumentalist Music Group), T.R.3 has been on the grind for several years. Building off his previous releases, along with the momentum of his viral hit, “Statistics,” T.R.3 deliverers a moody and introspective body of work on his long awaited opus, Together Alone. Placing a level of self-awareness that belies his years, combined with a social commentary that touches on everything from police brutality, race relations, shady politics and fake religion, T.R.3 forces listeners to wake up. 

Together Alone is fueled by T.R.3’s partnership with veteran West Coast Hip-Hop artist and producer, Ariano. Struck by T.R.3’s raw talent, Ariano reached out to the burgeoning artist with the desire to co-create something deeply honest and personal. Producing all but two tracks, and featured on most of the hooks, Ariano helped sonically bring the album to new heights with the help of his frequent collaborator, LDontheCut (deejay for Sublime with Rome), who brilliantly mixed and mastered every song. 

T.R.3 and Ariano’s aspirations for Together Alone became apparent with the release of the project’s first single, “4:00:00 AM,” a moody journey in the hour between the dead of night and the dawning of a new day. T.R.3 then joined forces with the legendary Zion I, Sage One the Wise, Josh Dominguez and IMG’s DeShane Bankhead, over Ariano’s ethereal hook on ”The Whole World”—a track which captures the dichotomy of being increasingly frustrated with the world around us, while still loving life and all that it throws at you. 

The album is also accompanied with two videos; one for the raw and visceral album single, “All of Me” and the other for opening track, “Audio Dope,” both of which are under the creative direction of BenjiDidIt. On “All of Me,” T.R.3 delivers a pain-filled performance as he chronicles what it really feels like when you give everything but get absolutely nothing in return. And although “Audio Dope” is filled with some boastful moments, BenjiDidIt works his visual magic to turn the narrative upside down. It’s a wild turn that actually fits the mood of the track, a bravado-laced burner that’s much deeper than it appears.

On Together Alone, T.R.3 uses his message and talent to deliver a stunning record, making it clear that purpose will always outlive trends. The 15 track LP is available now through all major digital retailers and streaming platforms through Popular Nobody. 


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