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Robbie Z Rids Negativity With “Hot Wheelz” Track

Knowing where you want to take your creativity and who to be the operating force behind your creation, can be a task within itself. For Bolgarian artist 16-year-old Robbie Z, “Hot Wheelz” is designed from his own energy, with no interference.

“When people comment nasty things to me, it inspires me to write more music and I just basically wrote a song about escaping from the hate!”

Pressing play on “Hot Wheelz,” it’s less about diction and more about the feeling the track is giving off. The production, done by Robbie, is aggressive, bass-enthused madness backed by Robbie’s rapping. Robbie’s lyrics don’t exactly come across as comprehensible, but what he lacks in lyrics, he picks up with tempo and production.

At only 16, Robbie’s path feels destined, as he learns to channel his creativity into bettering his craft. He feeds off negativity and turns it into a positive outcome.

Robbie’s rebellious energy continues in his visuals for “Hot Wheelz.”

When it comes to Robbie’s display of music, it’s hard to compare him to another artist, which is never a bad thing. Instead, it adds to Robbie’s unique output and urges the want for more material.

“Copy-Paste” is first single released by Robbie in 2018. The song ultimately encouraged Robbie to continue making music. With his unique take on blending sounds and flows, Robbie is an artist that we’ll continue to hear from.

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