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Dr. Bentz Brings Waves in for the Summer, on Latest Track, “Risin’ Up”

Summer is coming and you can feel it. The weather has been changing and gradually, we see the change in the temperature. Vancouver native Dr. Bentz brings his energy to Los Angeles, with a new single, “Risin’ Up.”

Rising above the tidal waves, Bentz remains optimistic throughout his journey. “Coming down like a waterfall, ain’t nobody gonna hold me down,” Bentz raps throughout the hook of the song. “I’m rising up so I can put it down.”

Bentz finds the balance between showing how to remain calm during the storm and how the storm doesn’t even exist under the sun of the West Coast.

For Bentz, working on his craft has been a fire ignited by passion and drive. It’s hard to leave alone the tasks that you feel in your spirit. Neglecting such tasks can create turmoil. For Bentz, this wouldn’t be the case.

“It just didn’t feel right,” Bentz said in a statement. “Getting to this stage of my life without releasing the 25 plus tracks I had been sitting on that had been percolating over the past couple years. You know you can have your career and you can have passion for your career & even be great at your career… but then you can have an even deeper passion inside you, driving you… that should never be ignored, but needs to be acknowledged, listened to, nurtured, and developed.”

While the track “Risin’ Up” isn’t the sharpest track, the effort and message from Bentz are evident. Bentz conveys his points and allows the listener to float into their own zone that their life has become thus far.

Bentz is currently working on releasing new music and sharing more insight with his fanbase, as he also grows his audience.

We don’t fail to mention, Bentz is also a naturopathic doctor. With so many people looking to self-medicate, Bentz has come up with better, healthier methods.

B.N.Z. Elite Performance Medicine, Bentz’s company, assist high performing athletes, actresses/actors, etc for peak performance.

“I got sick and tired of seeing people, especially my friends, acquaintances, and people in Hollywood turn to drug use to help them cope with the stress and pressures of life and their careers,” Bentz explained. “I knew there was a better way and that I could teach them how to take the edge off while achieving peak performance through naturopathic medicine.”

Bentz has his hands in a lot of pots, but not without purpose. He moves with drive that can be felt in his musical demeanor and how he helps through the use of his naturopathetic company.

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