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TOBi Creates Surreal Dimension in Video, “Sweet Poison”

The dangers of indulgence

“My vision for this video was to turn my ideas into literal art pieces and bring out magical elements similar to my favorite surrealist artists.”


As of late, the opinion that the state of R&B is in critical condition grows larger by the month. On the contrary, the argument stands that we’re in a revival and evolution. This establishes space for a wider range of voices and sounds. Though there’s some opposition to this autonomic process, it allows artists to expand the spectrum of their fanbase and peers.

Meet TOBi. He’s a Nigerian-Canadian artist whose silver-tongued vocals tend to the butterflies gathering in our stomachs. “Sweet Poison” is the track for his newest visual. TOBi presents the distortion of reality when we blindly satiate our deep desires. For the concept of the song, he gathered inspiration from Sigmund Freud’s repetition compulsion theory. This is when a person endlessly repeats patterns of behavior that were difficult or distressing earlier in life. “Sweet Poison” details this theory at work in TOBi’s life.

Hurts so good.

photo by Jeremy Rodney Hall

The Ryan Charles Griffin directed video ignites the need to fulfill those desires.. Melting clocks and warping our sense of direction throughout are a tip of the hat to, surrealist, Salvador Dali. Rich hues of red, blue and green alternately illuminate each frame. TOBi reflects on his love life and the whirlwind it had become while still yearning for more. We’ve gotten access to a museum of misdirections, spectating in awe and hoping to receive the message.

“I try to be multidimensional  and bridge the world of fantasy with reality to defy the limits.”


“Sweet Poison” producers Nate Smith and Nahum constructed an austere tune for us to dig into our feelings and take a few notes. A lo-fi melody is the backdrop for subtle hi-hats, delicate snares and a cat-like bass that reveals itself with no disruption of the other elements.

Watch the video for “Sweet Poison” below.

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