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Shy Glizzy Debuts Fiery New Single, “Volcano”

Young Jefe holmes!

Right before he embarks on tour with Gunna this swiftly approaching Spring, Shy Glizzy presents us with a new single and video from his critically acclaimed EP, ‘Fully Loaded’.

“Volcano” hit all streaming platforms yesterday! It appears to be the next hit on the list of the soundtrack of this summer. Staying particularly on brand, Young Jefe journeys to Costa Rica to reap the spoils of expansive flora and fauna, bikini clad women and vividly blue skies.

Though the imagery for “Volcano” is something we’ve seen from him before, the editing surely enhances the experience. Highly saturated and brilliant in color, each frame collides or congeals with the next. Simultaneously interpolating screen glitches, time lapses and lens glares, it seems chaotic on paper. However, all of these elements move in sync and don’t overpower one another.

The block is as hot as lava

“Volcano” isn’t solely about the fruits of labor but the time it took to get there. Shy Glizzy consistently recounts the time in his life before he reached this point and this track is no different. As we ease into Q2, meaning longer days and better festivities, what better way to score this time than with a banger of comeuppance? There’s always room for those.

Watch the video for “Volcano” below and if you haven’t heard it already, check out ‘Fully Loaded’ here.

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