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Rudeboy Ruger Can’t Be Washed on New ‘DRY CLEAN ONLY.’ EP

See Reverse Side for Care Instructions

Rudeboy Ruger, Hartford, CT born rapper, unleashes his new EP: ‘DRY CLEAN ONLY.’ Now based in NYC, Ruger diligently spent most of 2018 gearing up for this release. Ruger is recognized for his dexterous bars and diverse content. However, ‘DRY CLEAN ONLY.’ feels like a side of Ruger we’ve yet to hear.

The EP is five tracks long clocking in at 13 minutes to listen in its entirety. Even so, Ruger created a full bodied experience. This caliber of work speaks to his ability to consistently rise to the occasion and challenge himself. That adaptability translates to his creative vision as a whole.

“Novocain with these lames / Nah, I ain’t feelin’ it”.

Rudeboy Ruger – Millions

His musical inspirations include Max B, Vybz Kartel and Jay-Z, demonstrating the variety in which he is rooted. ‘DRY CLEAN ONLY.’ is more than an introduction to Ruger and his music. It’s a mosaic made up of his individual styles and exhibit his overall creativity.

“MILLIONS” is the lead single from the EP accompanied by a video that dropped Mar. 4th. Ruger excels in maintaining his individuality while acclimating himself to today’s popular sounds. Producer, J-Indigo laid a track with car-shaking bass, sharp snares and an eerie melody fit for Ruger to attack. ‘DRY CLEAN ONLY.’ ends on a note as equally strong as it begins. “MAVERICK” establishes space for a subtler mood but preserves the momentum the previous tracks built. Ruger carries his melodies with ease and still retains lyrical dexterity.

It’s apparent in presentation and sound that Ruger’s efforts are precise. The continuity of the EP is an extension of himself as an artist. His statement is simple: he’s unlike the rest.

‘DRY CLEAN ONLY.’ is available on all streaming platforms. Check out the video for “MILLIONS” below.

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