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Expect the Unexpected in Post Death Soundtrack’s ‘It Will Come out of Nowhere’

From the beginning of this album, It Will Come Out of Nowhere, you can truly expect the unexpected from Post Death Soundtrack.

Expect the Unexpected in Post Death Soundtrack's 'It Will Come out of Nowhere'

It’s evident — from the start– Post Death Soundtrack is walking the lines they created since their humble beginning with Kenneth Buck and Steve Moore. Along the way, they added Jon Ireson and Colin Everall. With a more enticing sound, Post Death’s latest release is contender to be their best content.

From merely a production standpoint, the instruments and sequences pulls together the loose ends together quite nicely. The production can stand on its own and take us on a deep journey underneath the dark edges of time.

Adding in the value of the content, Post Death has never slacked in this department. They lead their tracks with a purpose. There are multiple themes that are brought upon the listener: betrayal, independence, struggle, despair, loss, and gain. Post Death is giving us the human experience in its most thorough form.

We arrive at the first track, “Chosen Sons,” where we arrive at the defining lyrics, “It’s in your nature to prey on the lost.” The difficulties of arriving in a confusing world, where there’s chance that you may be taken advantage of.

“Benediction” feeds off the ending mood of “Chosen Ones.” It’s right in the lane of an Indian-inspired record; both live in this vein. Zen-like senses kick in as Lyndsay Johnston adds her lovely vocals to the track. We find ourselves on a soul voyage, tapping into a deeper root of self and enjoying the production stature, which finds comfort behind the vocals.

All is impressive throughout the duration of the ambitious piece of work. We arrive to the end of our voyage with “Bridge Burner.” Extending a little over ten minutes, we complete our journey strong. The track builds up anticipation early and it never ends, until a third of the way through, where there’s still entertainment, but we find ourselves “at the edge of it all,” as the group repeats to finish out the album.

Listening all the way through, you truly are on a ride of some sort. It’s not exactly clear what ride you’re getting on, because you don’t know what to expect, but, you must expect the unexpected with Post Death Soundtrack’s latest offering.

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