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Miss Cactus and the Desert Tackle the Complexities of Gender Roles in “Dating School”

Miss Cactus and the Desert share new single “Dating School” and adding fitting visuals to assists with the message behind the music.

“Dating School” is the third single released by Miss Cactus and the Desert, ever. They’re building upon the release of their debut EP, Oasis. If there’s anything specific the Boston, MA natives are aiming for, it’s consistently having thorough content.

“Dating School” follows through with thorough details, as we’re taken on the journey of heritage. Miss Cactus unfolds her experience of growing up with “sexist tradition,” in her Latin roots and how it plays a role in their dating lives. Miss Cactus is breaking a cycle that has been set long before she arrived on earth. Her goal? — it’s to empower women, “especially brown women,” to resist the past and seek presence of mind.

“I’m going to have to forget all the advice from my mama’s friends,” Miss Cactus mentioned in a statement.

Miss Cactus and the Desert is led by Mexican-born, Jersey-raised songstress, dancer, Alondra Ramirez Ladd. There’s a 70’s flare that joins Alondra and it shows in the visuals for “Dating School.”

Alondra’s dancing and singing are strongly on display during the video’s duration. Alondra struts with comfort and truly seeks efforts to empower women, in her own creative way.

In the music video, there are two characters. They are the negative perception put upon women: weak, dumb, submissive to “power,” sexualized. There’s urgency behind the release, suggesting it’s time we move closer to equality for women. Double standards still exists, heavily, but the goal is dismiss such negative standards in our society.

The message of the song is not to be drowned out by the instrumentation — which is awesomely done by Cristobal Cruz Garcia and Leonardo Varella (guitar) — the song’s producers. This is not to leave out the Keyboard player, Evad Campbell, Thomas Antonio Debelian who is also on guitar, William Graves on bass and William Candelario on the drums.

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