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Jaimie Steck is a Triple Threat, Who’s Ready to Show and Prove

In today’s music economy, it’s pretty tough to break ground if you’re only good at one thing. Being good at multiple things can be a way into a better career path. Jaimie Steck understands this ideology, as she prepares to unleash more material to the world.

The benefits of being a triple threat are you give people options. For Jaimie Steck, she writes, sings and dances. She’ll bring attention to her singing and she’ll also draw a crowd for her choreography. The Los Angeles-based performer is looking to bring back a certain flair that has gotten away from the pop scene.

She makes her mark with showmanship and bringing an energy — lacking in today’s climate. The climate thrives off vocals, but outside of the names we are used to hearing, Jamie is reinviting the feeling of the early 2000s. While she is a reminder of what has been, she is a reminder of what could be in the future.

Her potential is highlighted on her new single, “Full Moon,” as well as the music video (set for a March 20) release. Moving forward, having a video accompany her singles seems like an amazing way to broadcast her talents.

The most impressive part of the music video happens two minutes in, as Jaimie dances through a rainy scene.

When tuning in, vocal performance may not be the strongest of her threats; performing may be the supreme leader. If she is able to showcase more range in the near future, she’ll be tough to deal with.

Her songwriting is aimed for radio pleasure and she’s direct with the direction she’s traveling, as heard on “Full Moon.”

It’s exciting to hear from Jaimie and the path she’ll travel in her career. There are no ceilings and she has the ability to take her threats to the top.

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