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Erich Mrak Finds Comfort in the “Drive” on his Latest Single

Time can go one of two ways: invested or spent. Money doesn’t have to be the only currency in your world, but, that is a subjective matter. Many rich people walk this earth with poor spirits; money cannot fund happiness on its own. Although it’s one hell-of-a crutch, the limp doesn’t fully go away if your spirit doesn’t sit right.

From the beginning of the track, Erich Mrak, finds peace in the turmoil and unknown of when the next “certain” moment would surface.

“I’m getting by, barely with my checks. Got money for half of a tank, a couple of backwoods but that’s it,” Mrak begins his latest track, “Drive.”

Mrak’s impromptu drive helped craft his Bento-assisted single. The track can be the gateway to creative freedom and minimalism. Escaping the daily grind of having to participate in the human rat race. Sometimes, it’s necessary to just hop in an all black Honda. Erich embraces uncertainty and finds joy in not knowing exactly what is next.

There are the memories created from the song and then there are the memories created in order to make the song. Erich creates something special from the heart — crafting moments that will live forever.

We can expect more from Erich as the year progresses; this is his second single of the year. Prior to this release, Erich shared “Navigate.” Although Erich is putting out singles, he has enough content to put together a full EP.

When listening to Erich, you can catch wind of uptempo production that’s matched with somber tones in the vocal performance.

To check out more content from Erich, you can check him out on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Soundcloud, Youtube, his website

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