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Eddy Yang Takes a Nomadic Approach in “A New City”

The feeling of being locked down and confined to one place can be overbearing for most. Becoming a prisoner of the time, you find little room to creatively roam free.

When I listen to Eddy Yang’s new single “A New City,” nomadic flow takes the course of the song. Here’s an artist who lands on creativity and takes control of it — naturally.A New City is also the name of Eddy’s five-track EP. He begins the title track with the lyrics, “I want to run, I’m burning all the knots,” as he runs free and is “rising up” as he’s “tearing through the night.” He wonders what the feeling of the new city will feel like. Whether or not he feels trapped in his current element, the exciting feeling of beginning something new, has taken over his worries.

Intrigued by the flow of the title track, I jump into the thought of what the rest of the extended play will sound like, which is due out on April 5th. So far with the lead single, He’s imperfect with singing, but his imperfections makes for a perfect listen; it’s meant to sound chanced and liberty-filled without judgement.

A New City EP was inspired by a trip to NYC, though it was recorded in Los Angeles, my hometown. I remember being inspired and wide-eyed while walking through NYC at night. A New City EP is about the feeling of being young and alive, when the world is still innocent and full of possibilities.”

Eddy’s uncertainties are blank, and it’s difficult to feel anything but love when listening to his tune. The Los Angeles-bases, Asian-American artist fills his music with emotion, exploration and whether he knows it or not, he’s persuading the listener to take a chance on themselves. The chance for Eddy is travel; his journey is an internal grip that grabs hold of the external world.

Eddy’s EP will be available in April and we’re sure you, the listener, there will be realizations within yourself after your listen.

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