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Choo Jackson Shares ‘Anime 2’ LP

Choo Jackson is two years removed from the first installment of Anime. Jackson’s approach on Anime 2, comes with a more methodical, planned-out approach.

Big Jerk, DJ Clockwork and more handle the production on the album.

This project was started a few years ago with Christo in my apartment,” Jackson said in a statement.  “We wanted to make music we were influenced by. We started with “Gold medal” on our Outkast flow, just trying to bring real content back into the game.”

You can hear the “real content” right away on the LP’s first track, “Prayers from the sky,” where Jackson speaks on the loss of friends and creating a life full of happiness, even in the midst of despair.

Jackson, who signed to Mac  Miller’s Most Dope label, sends a tribute out to his late friend, Mac, on the track “Loner.”

“A tribute video for my long lost brother Mac. I love you bro thank you for everything you did for me while you were here. the greatest soul to walk the planet. gave me a blessing when we were starving. I’ll make sure the world never forgets you.”

Check out the 13-track body of work below.

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