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Alexander Mack Instills Value in His Purpose, on ’91 Two Forty’ Project

Alexander Mack has a grip on the “Jazz-Rap” scene, producing his own music and conducting the music in a way that feels aligns with his soul. After releasing loosies for quite some time, the Virginia native is sharing his new project, 91 Two Forty.

“Most people sleep on potential just to be realistic, and then wake up in their 40’s and realize they missed it. ‘91 Two Forty forever,” Mack wrote in an Instagram caption.

Out of the ten tracks, Mack begins the project with “Another Day/ Staring At The Ceiling.” It’s one of his most introspective tracks yet. It brings the listener closer to Him and lets the listener in on his creative process and the integrity to move through with his aspirations.

Check out the project below.

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