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LA Rapper FYI Releases “SYS” Visuals

Coming off of a high from his recently released album, Herecember 20NOW, LA rapper FYI is gearing up for the release of his latest visual for “SYS.”

Herecember 20NOW, produced by super beatmakers !llmind, Sir Jon Lee, Dual Output, and K-Wiz, is bringing back that raw energy to music. FYI’s goal for making music period is to make it timeless. The album is dedicated to the 2000s era we’re currently living in, so the album gives off an ageless vibe that can be played for years to come.

FYI takes on the self-adopted name “hueman,” a word he uses to describe people as colorful, multi-faceted and multi-dimensional. His style of music differs from a lot of his musical peers these days who like to live in the moment versus FYI’s notion of making life music.

“The culture of hip-hop is in the music. It’s not just a rapper talking about the “game” of the rap music industry – you hear soul; you hear culture. All the triumphs, transitions and tragedies of life are all captured in my music.”

“SYS” is just one track off the 5-song offering with a dope visual to go along with it. 

Watch the video for “SYS” below.

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