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Portland Artist B. Aull Shares new Single, “Not For Nothing”

At 24 years old, Portland artist B. All is focused getting to the next level in his craft. He’s doing just that, having gained over 500,000 streams in 2018. With such a hectic schedule of perfecting his craft, will the people around him understand?

B. Aull breaks down his relationships and lifestyle on the song “Not For Nothing.”

“It’s kind of like having the realization that no matter who you are, friends, family… significant other… you’re important to me,” B. Aull mentioned in a statement. “But so are my dreams and I need to be focused on my dreams at all costs.”

Up-and-coming artist Sydney adds vocals to the track, forming a nicely sounding track.

Check out “Not For Nothing” below and let us know what you think.

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