Matt Warren is resurgent in newly released music

Music isn’t just simply music. It’s medicine, joy, pain and a top-notch contender for number one escapism mechanism, ever. For Matt Warren, the platinum award-winning producer, music has edged its way back to his solo efforts.

This is my first release of my own music in ten years. I’ve been producing, engineering and remixing for others, but have not focused on my creative needs for a long time,” Matt said in a statement. “I felt like I wanted to do a record that reflects my journey as both a musician and DJ. I really wanted to give that old school feel to the songs..I guess what I mean is to record “real music” with live instruments and arrangements…which are kind of a homage of all the music I grew up listening to.”

Chicago House Music Pioneer Matt Warren Shares First Project in 10 Years, 'Music Is My Life'

Since 1984, Matt Warren has been producing music. Since his start, he’s produced, written and arranged music—plus, a ton more within music. The thing about music is the ever-changing landscape of the music industry. As the industry changed, he changed with it, but still keeping his essence.

The Chicago House Music pioneer brings in strong, vibrant instrumentation on Music Is My Life project. The 11-track project is full of Matt’s creative zest. Track 7 of the project is “Musica Es Mi Vida,” a jazzy track that launches the listener into a psychedelic world of sonic goodness. The music video is the best representation of Matt’s thought process behind the entire body of work. Music can be heard, of course, but it can also be seen and felt. In the music video for “Musica Es Mi Vida,” you’ll be sure to catch where Matt’s mind takes him.

We’re in the midst of cold months and feel-good music can be of necessity this winter. Returning back to his comfort zone, in a different era, Matt Warren’s sonic touch doesn’t sound dated. Instead, it’s refreshing and showcases an artist’s dedication and passion felt through their craft.

Matt did a terrific job at arranging the right pieces for his album. Check out the album’s credits below:

Pepper Gomez: vocals
Janis McGee: vocals
Elena Andujar: vocals
Ron Haynes: horns
Mike “Champagne” Anderson: guitar
Antone Montgomery: bass
Sharkeyes: electronic instruments, programming
Frank Schabold: bass
Adam Kucharzyk: guitar
Richard Meyer, Junior: piano
Wes Nelson: bass


Listen to the album HERE.

01 How Do I Love Thee (5:01)

02 The Way To My Heart (6:24)

03 Catch Me If You Can (Main Mix) (6:27)

04 Catch Me If You Can (Disco Mix) (5:48)

05 Get On Up (6:21)

06 Going Deeper (5:01)

07 Musica Es Mi Vida) (5:46)

08 Bang The Box (6:50)

09 La Rosa (7:18)

10 Sometimes (4:04)

11 The Dark Storm (6:12)