Breaking Down our Favorite Production from Drizzy’s “Scorpion”

Whether it’s for a single or a deep cut, Drake’s ability to pick beats and samples really helps set him a part from his peers. Scorpion is chock-full of samples from various different medium and music genre’s. Including unearthed, never-heard Michael Jackson vocals, classic Aaliyah, Mariah Carey & Marvin Gaye samples. The album even includes a sample from Donald Glover’s Atlanta series as well as Maury! Let’s take a look and our favorites:**I did not include “Nice For What” or “God’s Plan” as those records have been talked about enough.Honorable Mention: “Mob Ties” & “Final Fantasy”

#5. “Blue Tint”

!llmind, Supah Mario, JRHitmaker & Taz Taylor

A choppy synth sample under trap 808’s. Supah Mario & !llmind linked up for one of the funnest songs on the album. Oh, not to mention, I got blue diamonds! Blue tint!

#4. “Sandra’s Rose”

DJ Premier & Maneesh

Once I heard DJ Premier was producing a record on Scorpion I couldn’t wait to hear it. The coolest thing about this record is the vintage sounding sample was created by Toronto producer/DJ Maneesh himself. This homemade soul sample was then flipped in classic DJ Premier style.

#3. “8 Out of 10”

OB O’Brien, Boi-1da & Jahaan Sweet

Hold on!.. Hold on!.. BUT I!.. Drake talking his shit over a Marvin Gaye sample?! To me this is Drizzy’s ‘Public Service Announcement,’ plus a quasi response/shots at Kanye & Pusha.

#2. “In My Feelings”

Noah “40” Shebib, TrapMoneyBenny & BlaqNmilD

We need to start talking about 40’s ability to engineer the cleanest kicks & 808’s in the game. The ‘Nice For What’ 2.0 New Orleans bounce sample — coming from the same producer, BlaqNmilD, who had a hand in the Murda Beatz hit — combined with City Girls & Wayne vocals sets it off. 10/10 for me. Next!

#1. “Emotionless”

The 25th Hr, Noah “40” Shebib & No I.D.

This is the one that immediately stood out to me after one listen. No I.D. Was in his bag! ‘In his feelings’ Drake rapping over a classic Mariah Carey sample (Emotions) means no hook needed. Legendary.