YBN Cordae keeps his flow going on response to Cole’s “1985”

J. Cole’s “1985” can be looked at as many things. Some will specifically call it a diss track towards Smokepurrp and Lil Pump, while others will see it as guidance and mentoring to a younger group of artist.

P.G. County, MD native YBN Cordae responds to J. Cole’s “1985” with “Old Ni**as.” Cordae’s response is calm and doesn’t diss anyone, but it does state some facts and opinions, just like Cole’s. Cordae discusses Kanye West, sexual assault cases, stagnant growth, lack of father presence and much more.

With supported rhymes and doing so in a manner that the older generation understands, it makes sense. Cordae did big up Talib Kweli and Mos DEF.

“We see you old ni**as as a lot clowns, not to mention our father figures was not around. So we all on tours and we hoppin’ round. We just need sit down and find common ground.”

Check out the music video below.