Seventeen Minutes in Heaven

Chicago song bird, Ravyn Lenae, dropped off her new EP, Crush, on Feb. 9th. Packed with funky bass lines and airy guitar riffs, The Internet’s Steve Lacy, put his foot in this production. His production paired with Lenae’s honeyed vocals makes for a full-bodied project. The lead single from Crush is aptly titled “Sticky” as Lenae finds herself caught in that grey area of a relationship. The question we all hate asking or being asked, “so what are we doing?” Regardless, we need to ask because nobody deserves to look foolish. This song in particular shows us how well Lenae manipulates her voice to create dimension throughout the track. I encourage more vocalists to play with animating their sound to enrich their work.

You got me wondering why you roaming / Something told me I would end up lonely” – Sticky

There are no other features besides Lacy who appears on two songs adding sultry harmonies to complement Lenae’s buoyant voice. She is a delightful fusion of Erykah Badu and Aaliyah influences with an added alternative feel. With Lacy on the boards, these two arranged an ethereal chemistry of sounds.

Another notable track is “Computer Luv”. The tale of two lovers connected only by their feelings and wifi. Lacy appears on this song accompanying her with the vocals. I found myself drawn to this track because of the relevance it serves in our age of technology. Online dating, long distance relationships, and unfortunately catfishing all are byproducts of our advancement. Needless to say, true love knows no bounds and “Computer Luv” is Lenae and Lacy’s testament to these new intricacies. As if we needed love to be anymore complicated, right?

“Don’t care what nobody say / A thousand miles in the way / You pick the time and the day / I got it, I got it” – Computer Luv

Crush On You

That’s word to Li’l Kim because if you haven’t listened to Lenae or Lacy prior to this project, Crush is an excellent start. This five track EP is the perfect length for easy listening. So much so, you won’t even realize it restarted until “Sticky” plays again. Red is a visual theme with Crush as Lenae sports her signature red mane and love is in the air. In an interview with The Fader, she further reveals the motif of red and its significance.

“Red is a very intense color. In the midst of other colors, red always stands out…First of all, red is like the staple color for love and crushing and Valentine’s Day” – Ravyn Lenae for The Fader

Passion is sewn in the fabric of this project as we journey with Lenae through the ups and downs of love. Crush is available to stream on Apple Music and Spotify. There is also a dizzying video for lead single, “Sticky”, available on YouTube.