Hadassah: The Flower that Bloomed from the Concrete

Brooklyn songstress, Hadassah, prepares for the pending release of her newest project called FlexinMyDemons. Alternative R&B: making more noise as R&B altogether continues to evolve and transform. This creates space for a broader spectrum of voices, images and sounds; Hadassah secures her spot with wistful vocals and bright pink locs.

photo by Mars Bunny

I had the pleasure to sit and chat about Flexinmydemons in her cozy Brooklyn apartment. She expounded on some pivotal moments in her life that elicited her to take her craft more seriously. Hadassah is small but full of life and laughter. She carries an air of calm passion which says to me, that her passion can reveal itself at any moment. This energy is most apparent in her music that sounds like the ebbing and flowing of waves against a rock wall. Her soul runs deep and wide as she croons through pain, through love and through triumph. She’s been featured on Afropunk, The Fader, Earmilk and VFiles Spotlight. FlexinMyDemons is set for release this month. I compel you to listen to the two leading singles: “Pseudo” and “He Said,” available on soundcloud. Open your ears to Hadassah and her experiences in coming of age and overcoming major obstacles.

Watch our interview below and be sure to follow her on Twitter (@hadassahismee) and Instagram (@hadassahismee).