My Silent Bravery (MSB) has a hit with “Got It Going On.” The song is currently in the no. 3 spot on Billboard’s Hot Singles Sales.

My Silent Bravery's "Got It Going On" Single is Catchy

But what makes this song tick the way it does? The upbeat production, the catchy lyrics in the verses and the hook, also the image of MSB, that being the image of guitar and vocalist Matthew Wade.

The Boston, MA native readies this single for his album Willing to Try. Optimistic in his approach for music, his internal forces shine through-through his artistry and releases. Composed of 12 tracks, the album will be released in pieces–three EP’s at a time over the course of a year.

“Got It Going On” has grossed over 3.6 million plays on YouTube and continues growth.

MSB is no stranger the limelight, having played before over 300,000 people from 2009-2011. Since then, his presence in music videos, studios and stages has only been amplified by his dedication to his craft.

My Silent Bravery's "Got It Going On" Single is Catchy

Matthew moves independently through his MWS Record label. Independent movement means that Matthew and his team have to move with focus and drive, something that they don’t lack. Handling social media and networking, they’ve built and continue to build the blocks for the foundation that created.