UPDATE (1/28/17): Chief Keef has been released from jail after paying his $500,000 bail. The LA County Sheriff’s Department database says the rap artist was released last night at 9:33 PM. After his release, he posted two images on Instagram.

Though he is out of jail for now, only time will tell if he will be back behind bars soon for these charges. Check back with BLUNTIQ for more information as it is released.

I can fuck yo bitch Nigga – Lil B

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Thoinky thoinkz

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(1/27/17): It was all over before it even began. After hyping up fans with his Two Zero One Seven project and claims that this would be a major comeback year, Chief Keef is having the bars slammed in his face…literally. The Chicago rapper has been arrested for home invasion robbery and assault.

According to TMZ, Keef and five or so friends jumped producer Ramsay Tha Great in his home in Tarzana, CA. After the attack, Ramsay took to Instagram and Twitter to share his story, saying he intended on pressing charges: “He pushed me in. A ni**a behind him had a Draco AK-47 lookin’ thing. He started hitting me in the face. Y’all can say I’m a rat. But see you in court“. The attack apparently stemmed from an argument Ramsay was having with one of the friend’s wife.

Ramsay has previously worked with Keef, who was wanted for questioning surrounding the incident and was arrested yesterday with two associates. His bail is currently $500,000.

This isn’t even close to the first time Keef’s had trouble with the law. He can’t even return to his hometown of Chicago at the moment due to outstanding warrants that would have him arrested as soon as he steps into the city. Unless he can handle these heavy new accusations soon, it seems 2017 won’t be his year.

The story only saying it once

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