I remember growing up in Silver Spring, MD and my great grandma would always let me stay over her house during the weekend. If I didn’t, she’d come to my house, with my grandma and mom, cousins and siblings. Sunday breakfast and dinner became a conventional situation for my family. We’d have a chance to just sit around and watch sports or play board games; essential bonding moments that I dearly miss. These are times that I still have with my grandmother, but unfortunately, my late and great grandmother is no longer here to experience these moments with us.

It is not easy for an artist to be able to find balance—to know when to give a record for the club or when to give a record for recollected and more insight—Big Sean equals it out. Sean gave us a Metro Boomin-produced hit in “Bounce Back,” then turned back around and gave us the 808 Mafia-produced single “Moves.” Straight out of the gate, we hear Sean’s astounding cadence and lyrical talents. It’s arguably not his best work, but they are easily radio singles, which are heights he’s never reaching for to begin with; radio play is a bonus. When an artist is able to give their audience layers, we grow with them, we learn about them, and we sometimes resonate with their words. Sean does just that on “Sunday Morning Jetpack.”

This feel like the family dinners that we used to have on Sunday, when Grandma in the kitchen making rum cake. Or the spread she used to do for Thanksgiving man. This feel like the first time I heard Killa Cam.


Just to sit back and reflect on the nostalgic sense of those lines. Behind mellow production, it nearly brings me back to Sean’s “One Man Can Change The World.” Sean looks back at his past and then he zips back to the future—reminded of all the blessings that have been delivered his way. Appreciative of the time he spent with his mom and grandma, because of them, he is the man we see.

You the reason why I ever touched my first Franklin, fast forward I’m in Kanye crib with Kirk Franklin

Sean has decided to run with his faith before anything. Nothing comes before God or without him. “Didn’t learn faith in school but that’s what I’m testing the most,” Sean says. Sending up his prayers to God and getting an answer right back, leaves him thankful for every moment, good or bad.

I get the sense that I Decided. will host a lot of these type of tracks. He’s found the balance of releasing insightful and inspiring tracks while still letting loose with the bangers. Like he said, Dark Sky Paradise served as the blueprint for every album he’d be putting out in the future. Now, we’re just watching it manifest, just like he mentioned.