The Gorillaz have been teasing their 2017 album release for quite some time. After updating us on the stories of the fictional bandmates, it was only a matter of time till we got a taste of their new music, and we now have it in the form of “Hallelujah Money“. The song, which also has an accompanying video, features British poet and singer Benjamin Clementine, who handles most of the vocals. According to the description on YouTube, the song is a response to Trump’s inauguration taking place tomorrow, and serves as “commentary on a politically-charged, historical moment”.

The video features Clementine in a Trump Tower elevator upon the walls of which flash video clips from Animal Farm, burning oil fields, and more disaster. The lyrics, which he sings in a deep, gospel tone, address America’s love of money and the influence of it in politics. It’s quite obvious what Damon Albarn thinks of Trump, especially in the doom-and-gloom line “Don’t worry my friend/If this is the end, so it shall be“.

Leave it to Gorillaz to release an anti-Trump song the day before he’s locked in as our nation’s leader. “Hallelujah Money” is an ominous ode to America’s next four years, and they clearly have a lot on their mind and a lot to say in their new music. Watch “Hallelujah Money” below and let us know what you think!