A$AP. More than just a rap group, or “hip-hop art collective” if you want to get fancy with it, but also an idea, a mantra to follow. “Always Strive and Prosper”. The phrase in and of itself is an affirmation to whoever embraces it that growth is always in the future if you put your heart and mind into it. A promise that with hard work, the fruits of labor will show.

Yams was the architect and driving light behind this philosophy, pushing his friends to become ground-breaking artists, pushing his artists to refinement of craft. He knew the fame would come, and the Mob surpassed his wildest dreams.

Yams’ vision for A$AP was one that knew no bounds and borders, one that saw every obstacle as just another chance for personal growth. Nothing could stop his passion or his sight to greatness. It’s not “Sometimes Strive and Prosper”. It’s not “Always Strive and Maybe Prosper”. It’s “Always Strive and Prosper”. If the self-confidence and will for growth is their, success WILL follow. It’s unconditional, a straight A-to-B transition that has no disconnector. If you always strive, if you always push yourself, if you always believe in your craft, there’s no doubt that you will prosper.
That’s why I have the letters tattooed across my right wrist, a constant reminder to bring myself up to new heights, abandoning my former self in search of something better and more beautiful. There’s always another hurdle, but the strive need always be there. Nothing worth having comes easy. Yams knew that, and he brought it to us all.  

Always Strive and Prosper.

Rest in Peace, A$AP Yams.