Wyclef Jean

Young Thug is about as unconventional as anybody could imagine from a modern rap star. Everything from his music to his persona to his wardrobe is clouded in an air of mystic fluidity. Of course, we should only come to expect the unconventional from him, and that’s exactly what we get with the new video for “Wyclef Jean“.

According to director Ryan Staake, Thugger had an original concept for the video involving miniature cars driven by a group of girls and himself. But when it came time for the shoot, Thugger never showed. Instead, Staake filmed a bunch of filler shots and made a video out of them, interspersed with his own narration as to what was going on. The only shots of Thug were taken by his team on a separate date and feature him eating Cheetos in front of a private jet, something Staake says he wishes was his idea.

While Thug did show up ten hours late, he refused to get out of his car because he had just found out his Instagram was hacked, and his car sped away before anything was finalized. So what we get is a Thug video with barely any Thug, yet somehow it turned out amazingly hilarious, thanks to Staake’s nonchalant commentary. He signs off by saying, “On my way home, I wondered if Young Thug would’ve liked the shoot we put together for him. But I guess none of that matters now. In fact, maybe that’s the moral of the story: None of this matters. The video cost over $100,000 and the artist never showed up. But you’re still watching…So I guess the video actually worked“. Oh, to be a superstar!

Watch “Wyclef Jean” below and let us know what you think!