It seems hip-hop will soon have its very own edition of Celebrity Deathmatch. At least, we might as well at this point. It all started with the limp beef that is Soulja Boy vs. Chris Brown. As you probably know by now, the two have decided to settle their differences in a charity boxing match, with both rappers saying they’re ready to knock the other one out stone cold. The celebrity endorsements have been pouring in, with everyone from 50 Cent to Mike Tyson taking sides, the latter of whom is said to be helping Brown train. Soulja, on the other hand, is getting love from Floyd Mayweather, Jr., who’s signed on as both his trainer and the fight promoter.

In the midst of this social media entanglement, another boxing proposition weaseled its way into the headlines: 22 Savage said if 21 Savage could beat him in a fist fight, he’d stop parodying 21’s name. 21 of course would have none of it, saying he’d give no credence to the existence of 22. On top of that, RiFF RaFF (yeah, apparently he’s still a thing) said he wanted to fight 50 Cent for $2 million. Apparently this is becoming a new trend in hip-hop, even though many are doubtful the Brown-Boy fight will actually take place.

But is it really a trend if Drake isn’t hopping on it?

Well in this case, he hasn’t exactly hopped on it, more so been dragged into it. And could you take a guess as to whom is doing the dragging? None other than Meek Mill. Yes, Meek Mill, who’s coming off a breakup with Nicki Minaj, says he will fight Drake for $5 million. In an Instagram Live video taking at a gym, Meek can clearly be heard saying he would “beat Drizzy the fuck up” and that he’d “let Nicki be the ring girl”.

First off, I want to know why it’d take $5 million for Meek to fight Drake. Shouldn’t it be enough that he wrote a Grammy-nominated diss track about you? Shouldn’t it be enough that he publicly humiliated you via meme at OVO Fest last year? Don’t get me wrong: I was not on Drake’s side in all of that. I’m not necessarily a Meek fan, but I dislike Drake enough to have been against him during the “beef”.

With that being said, I don’t understand why Meek is being so petty, as are all of these rappers. It all seemed kind of comical at first, but now that it’s actually coming to fruition and more are getting involved, I’m wondering what the real takeaway would be for these rappers-turned-fighters. Would anyone actually care who wins between Chris Brown and Soulja Boy? Either way, the fans are still going to side with their respective artist. I always said Drake was petty for the meme show at OVO Fest, but compared to this new trend, that seems as classy as the TupacBiggie feud.

If any of these rappers had an issue with another, they should take it wax, not try to bolster their wallets with a pay-day based on a boxing match. The only real way to one-up your rap opponent is through rhyme, and when it’s taken to another venue, say, the Octagon, it’s a let down for the culture. As goofy and baseless as rap beefs are in this new era, at least prior to now they were sometimes put into music and not just Instagram posts. But with all of the talk of pay-per-view boxing matches, we’ve dipped into a territory that seems even stupider than a subtweet.

Let’s face it: nobody really wants to see two small-ass, skinny, tatted rappers swinging boxing gloves bigger than their heads but much smaller than their egos.