2016 presented 2 Chainz with good energy and output, creatively. Aside from his guest appearance work on tracks, he had time to put together projects of his own. Hibachi For Lunch and Daniel Son; Necklace Don have both been added to Chainz’ already large collection of material. While driving around in his Rolls Royce, he decided to share his positive energy and news of a new restaurant.

I’m very blessed. I want to acknowledge the fact that it’s something bigger than me, it’s something greater than me… my new music is up to par. Tonight is the grand opening of my new restaurant for Escobar, which is my new restaurant. It’s on 327 Peters Street, please pull up. I just got nominated for my seventh Grammy… positive vibes y’all positive vibes.

It’s good to see that 2 Chainz is bringing the good energy into the new year, keeping everything uplifted. If you’re ever in the A, be sure to check the restaurant out. Congrats on the Grammy nominations Chainz.