Seclusion Drives My Focus, Like No Other

Photo: Katerine Peterson

It didn’t take me long to notice that I do my best work when secluded from society. I concealed my being within my work. Seclusion became a way for me to be selfish and only think about what I want to think about. There are people who can produce top-tier work without having to box themselves in. However, I’ve come to the realization, that that’s not my path. Not that it served as any validation, but hearing/knowing Kanye West works under the same extremity — it made for relativity and actually gave me a sense of relief.

There’s certain people that are genius. Their emotional and social IQ is like super high and they can get stuff done. And that’s just like an amazing combination. Because often, people who get amazing stuff done, have to cut off their emotional IQ.

Often times (actually right now), I have to cut off certain activities, wants, and people, from my day. This is so I can get done what I feel the need to get done. I’m not equipped to help or focus on anything else while I selfishly poke at a keyboard. It’s something I’ve felt guilt about, but I get a bulk of fulfillment from doing so. In the end, it’s all worth it.

Lock yourself in a room doing 5 beats a day for 3 summers
That’s a Different World like Cree Summer’s
I deserve to do these numbers – Kanye West “Spaceship”

My thoughts talk to me 24/7. Sometimes it comes across as lost thought, then other times I get great ideas that I can run with. I filter my days to a precise cut. I’m likely not to go to my day job tomorrow, just to get creative energy out that I don’t want to forfeit to money. With that being said, there are people that I dearly care about, but I was not blessed with the gift to handle both social and emotional IQ levels at once. We’ll talk soon, after brief seclusion.