I’ve been following Amir Obé’s career since early 2011 — the beginnings of Phreshy Duzit, rougly — the name that Obé used to go by. That was until he decided to leave Atlantic Records and go with the direction and style of music he wanted to run with. The honesty in his music kept me intrigued. Amir’s go-to producer NYLZ kept me intrigued as well. Together, with the help of Eli SostreVinylz, and others, Amir would paint his own picture for what he saw through Detroit and Brooklyn living. Eventually, this would transfer into inspiration for his body of work Detrooklyn, a well-told story of his own, using cinematic production.

“Jay Z, Kanye, Esco,” would be the song that would do it. When I say do it, I mean to say it would be the song that expresses how bad he wants to win with his craft. NYLZ draws the production while Amir tells his story. It’s the ever-winning formula for their success. Going back to that song, it comes off as melancholy, ego-destructing criticism, and more honesty than most can express. It stood as the last track on his Detrooklyn, but it wouldn’t be the last taste of success Amir would dream about.

Reality turns real, as Amir announces his signing to Def Jam. Speaking with Billboard, Obe had this to say:

To contribute to a legacy & brand that has created history with some of my favorite artists is a blessing. Def Jam prides itself on authenticity & I couldn’t have found a better home

Check out his music video for “No Peace” below, which will appear on Def Jam’s compilation, coming soon.