photo credit: Angel Reyes, Eric Frazee

JK The Reaper’s Digital Tears album helped further the development of his growth as an artist. The Greensboro, N.C. artist is preparing the release of his Surrounded By Idiots LP, set for a Nov. 16 release date.

The album will feature production from Childish Major, Finatik n Zan, Idle Kid and more. JK will also find a possible connection with Denzel Curry, as they’ve successfully done before, many of times. The first track of the album is “Hellhound,” a track where JK isn’t apologizing for his ascension and leaving old ways of doing things behind.

“They miss the old JK, bitch I don’t give a f**k,” JK shouts during the song. In a constant motion to push his efforts forward, he will never be the artist he was yesterday.

We had a chance to catch up with J.K. through email–talking about his new music, his creative process and more. Check it out below:

Craig: How did Idle Kid and yourself end up coming together for this track?

JK: In 2017 we linked via Instagram after my bro Austin Royale told me about him. He sent me mad beats, ALL FIRE. I was in the studio messing around with all of em and that’s how Hellhound came about. Idle Kid has that sinister sound love. It hits a dark place in my heart.


Craig: I hear you’re releasing an album titled “Surrounded By Idiots” sounds pretty self-explanatory, but, what does it mean to you?

JK: Growing up, being an unrelatable person with zero social skills in school, I always got treated like a weirdo because I wasn’t into the same shit [as classmates] or I couldn’t hold a conversation. That gave me anxiety. I’m still the same awkward fuck these days but, the difference is I’ve realized that they’re the problem; not me. I get anxiety because you suck not because I suck HAHAHA. Hence the idiots 🙂

Craig: A while ago, at Anchor Fest in Maryland,  I remember asking you about your writing and how you enjoy the art of writing. Would writing a book be something you’re still considering?

JK: That’ll always be the end goal. My writing is more literal than rhythmic so I always felt I should write books instead of music or at least bridge the gap. I already have a few concepts and started writing something but, it’s on hold until I can get into that realm and find a decent publisher.  

Craig:  As a creative, do you ever get frustrated with your creative process?

JK: Always! Every single word that gets written down is a struggle within me & every part of the process after that is beautifully frustrating from the videos to the live shows… everything is a creative madness. You can’t make an award-winning movie without having some nerve-racking fights on the set. Music has pushed to the verge of insanity thousands of times over.

Craig: You’ve been on the go a lot lately. What’s been your favorite place to travel to, and why?

JK: Miami ‘cause that’s where all the demons are! 🙂 Nah, I love Miami because of my homies and, the culture there. I’m not talking about South Beach shit either I hate that shit. I’m talking about Broward and Carol City and even shitty ass Hollywood. I like shitty people and shitty places, cause I’m from a shitty place.